Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sick Bike‏ Sent: Tue 11/11/14 10:17 AM

Dear mom,
  well this week my bike got sick... it was kinda sad. i was biking and my front tire got wobbly so i started to slow down then right when i slowed down my tire totally locked up... my middle axle got bent a bit, it was not awesome. good thing  i had time to slow down and not fly over my handle bars. its getting fixed now and wasnt that expensive, so that was a good day. 
  this week we got two new investigators. it was a member referral, it was really cool. the member talked with them about the church for 2 hours. they also watched the Joseph Smith movie on netflix. he has a minor in religion,  so its really fun. they are really great!!! i am excited to talk with them more.
   well life is so good. happy birthday to just about everyone and i am so sorry for being late on most of them!!! what did i get dad for his birthday... a foot thing...... haha. i loved the videos... 
  welll guys life is good... i love you all... love
 Elder Nymeyer

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Best P-day Ever‏ Sent: Wed 11/05/14 10:01 AM

Dear mom,
well this week has been nuts!! we are starting to teach everyone in the ward once a transfer!!! yeah that will be fun!!! so talk about being busy!!! it will be so good. 
my comp is doing really good. we are really starting to try to reach the mission standard for contacts. its weird, the Lord really does bless you for reaching His standards! The next sunday we received 4 referrals from members!!! it was awesome!! this week will be awesome!!! 
yesterday we had a pretty crazy meeting with elder Cornbridge from the 70. it was good just so long!!!  today we had an awesome p-day at a driving range called top golf! look it up!!!! best place ever hands down!!! then we went to Rudys and got some BBQ. got to love texas!! 
everyone sounds like they are having a great time!!! cant wait to see ya!!! 
keep being safe!!! 
Elder Nymeyer

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One Going to Brazil; one left Brazil‏ Sent: Tue 10/28/14 4:57 PM

Dear Mother and Friends,
     well where to start, this week was a little bit on the super crazy side. so needless to say that the week flew by. last monday we said goodbye to just about everyone. it was a lot of going to and fro. tuesday i got put with another trainer who you might remember, elder mortimer. he was my companion in magnolia. ha short guy with thick glasses. so we were companions for two days. it was good to talk about old times. then thursday came super fast, like a lot faster than i thought it would come. on thurday morning i got elder Oliveira. funny because Cooper is leaving this month, one going to brazil, and one left brazil,  Elder Oliveira! ha
   so we are rocking it over here. we are really working on talking to everyone and giving solid member commitments. our ward mission leader is the man, and he is working really hard to help us keep busy. he is such a good guy.
   we taught this guy named Mekhi yesterday. he is a less active from another ward who is always at a members house. it was my first restoration lesson in a while and yeah i was a little rusty, ha but it went well. elder O did a great job. he really is going to be a super awesome missionary. He is hard working and always happy. 
    everyone sounds good at home. Sterl, love your beard. Ariel, you are great. Chan, i hope you love your floor and cabinets. Lace, Congrats on another Hall of Fame. ha Dad, rocking the Van... nice, and dont fall. i learned that one too. ha mom, you are a stud!!!
   well guys i will let ya go. i hope you all have a great week and read your scriptures! 
love Elder Nymeyer

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Final Transfer‏ Sent: Tue 10/21/14 2:09 PM

Dear Mom,

   is it getting weird for anyone else, for just me? its getting so real. i will miss this so much. this last transfer is going to be crazy.
We got the transfer calls last night. Elder Graves is out of here. we all kinda saw that coming. he is ready to move on with his mission and get working. i am also not a ZL anymore. i am a DL now and i am going to love it. i am also going to be a Trainer. that will be super interesting. president is keeping me on my toes! 
   well last night we had some super awesome food at a member’s house. it was this chicken thing they marinade for 2 days. they grilled them then they put all this good stuff in it and baked it for a little bit. it was the best thing ever. they are from Mobile Alabama!!! i asked if they knew chandler. they didnt but they didnt remember many missionaries. i dont know how chan stayed so skinny in his mission. that food was so bomb! 
   we had some pretty awesome times this week. we have been biking around. we found this sweet bike path. we rode it when it got dark and found this awesome bridge and took some pics there.
   the work is going good. the youth are killing it. they are so awesome. yesterday was the primary program. it took me back to when i was a primary teacher. do you know how those kids are doing?  haha it was awesome. there is always that one kid who was just screaming not singing. awesome. 
  you guys sound awesome. everyone sounds happy!!! i love hearing from you guys!!! the game was awesome. its so sad to hear about mountain view. i hope it turns around soon!!! CDO sounds like that bomb!!! i would love to be a coach! that would be so much fun! i love my family.
  well guys i hope you are being awesome. know you guys are in my thoughts are prayers. not too much but you’re there somewhere!!!!

Elder Nymeyer

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sore Legs, Headaches, and Strong Spirits‏ Sent: Mon 10/13/14 4:15 PM

Dear Mom,
    Well this week is good. we are working hard and it feels good. something about being on a bike makes you really feel like a missionary. like this week we were leaving a member’s house who speaks mostly Chinese and their kid is struggling, a lot. the mom asked us come over and visit with the family. When we left we saw a lady talking to her friend and we over hear that she is talking about us. we end up talking to her for about an hour. she studies religions and loves ours. she actually said that she knows its the truest one out there and that she would be a member if her husband and family were not so against it. so we will see her at a family history fair in a few weeks and that will be awesome! there really are people out there who want to hear this gospel, sometimes we lose sight of that.
   the zone is doing good. i think i am going to not be Zone leader next transfer, so that will be weird day! i dont know when my last conference is. i may not have one since Christmas is so close! 
   well something hit me this week in my studies, the atonement is so powerful and real. now every missionary says this but the enabling power of the atonement really kicked in this week for some reason. i am trying to stay focused and diligent all the way to the end and sometimes that is just so hard. i am so thankful for this power that gives all of us the power to do the things we need to do to make this world a better place.
   Well, it seems like the race went good. so lacey, did win or something. did you at least beat the barbies.... okay latest incoming news is that lacey dominated!!! should i be surprised? ha Chan you did pretty good!!! 19th with the baby weight! sympathy weight is a real thing i hear! Davis, you are the man!!! Of course i will do it next year! I hope the CDO Dorados did well!!! Sterling, you should have done the race, next time right. Ariel, you are a Boss! as always. Jenny and Britton, i hear so much about yall. much love!!! That was a cute story grandpa and about the little boy, and i dont think you are that old!!! love ya!!!
   well everyone i hope all is going well with everyone back home. keep praying and reading and the Lord will get ya by, that what works for me! 
 Elder Nymeyer 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another Year Older‏ Sent: Mon 10/06/14 3:48 PM

Dear Mom,
    Well this day is kinda crazy!!! i guess i am 21, what!?!?!? who does that! i dont even know how to act to be 21. i guess i have a  whole year to figure that out. 
  the members here were super awesome. i only told a few members it was my birthday just cause i wanted some cake. so i got two cakes and a pan of cinnamon rolls, awesome! they were so good. i loved conference, it was so great. i must admit, one of the member’s couch was so good i may or may not have clocked out during some of Saturday, but what i heard was awesome. Monson gave a great talk, as well as bednar, christofferson and eyring. all stars, i love this church, so great. 
   well all your packages were great, thank you so much!!! i have the best family and friends in the whole world, no lie!!! 
   the work this week was good. we are still working with the youth and that is going really well. they love us, so that works well because its just fun. the ward likes us, just the whole teaching thing is a little rough!!! but all is well!!! 
   we had MLC this week and the STL (sister trainer leader) didnt have a ride so she was our companion for a day!!! it was a lot of fun. i am sure it was a once in a life time opportunity. so that was fun. the meeting was a whapping 7 hours, before planning. yeah that was a long day!!! 
   i am so sad/glad that yall are going the lake powell triathlon. i want some pics, hard core. everyone seems to be having so much fun!!!   well yall, all is well in Zion aka Texas!!! hope i can chat with yall
 Elder Nymeyer
 … my shirts are kinda big, the 17  are too big, but hey i dont have that long.  i did rip my khaki pants... that was a sad day!!! so that could be on the list

I love the first picture, only B and the missionary that he trained are posing for the picture, B trained him well.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Keeping an Eye Single‏ Sent: Mon 9/29/14 4:55 PM

What up Dawgs,

  sounds like everyone is having loads of fun! which is good to hear! this week is just an average week down here is katy 3. we have basically dropped our only investigator, so we are working with the youth a lot! its really fun, quite different from the rest of my mission which had no youth in any of our wards! So its basketball and object lessons! ha its pretty crazy! 
  this week we have been catching some rain! with the rain comes 120% humidy, but its starting to cool down a little bit. the whole change of weather caught elder graves so he has been sick most of this weekend, but he is getting better. we have been just taking the mornings a little bit slow. 
  i have been doing some hard core family history work this week, it got pretty intense. we were in for 2 hours. so hopefully it will be so much fun when i become a pro! 
  we saw the movie "Meet the Mormons" have yall heard about that? its super awesome! is it showing in Tucson? if not, make it happen. it is such an awesome show! its an awesome thing to bring people to! 
   no burning car this week... bummer...
   Well i am glad to see everyone is being just straight awesome!!! Sterling, i am loving the shirt you were wearing. i think ariel is the only reason you didnt get in a fight! so you better say thank you to her. Chan, you are an amazing parent, you rock! Lace, you rock, you are a super mom, keep it up! !! Dad, i am working to be your level when i get home. we will be biking fools!!!
   well this week is pretty normal. there is a mission mom in my ward who is having the missionary come home in  2 or 3 weeks. its kinda weird to think that i wont be a missionary forever!!! i wish i was sometimes!! how cool would that be!
 Love all yalll, love all yalll!
 Elder Nymeyer

Hey family and friends:

B’s birthday is Sunday, October 5th. His email is and his address is 20900 FM 1093 Rd., Cinco Ranch #1204, Richmond, TX 77407.

Love, Stacey